December 11, 2019

How to Quickly Gain War Robots Levels

War robots are a multiplayer game that works on an online platform. The game is developed by the Russian developer name Pixonic. 

This game has an online battle arena where players fought the battle. We also knew them as walking war robots.

They launched it in 2014. Even today, it is trending among users. This game has its currency that allows the players or users to buy new machines and upgrade their amours and many more.

Receiving Awards:

You can also receive rewards in the form of gold and silver. People want these rewards easily so people mostly search for the hacks or the cheat code. 

So they can easily update the game and enjoy all the benefits and rewards. Points and experience are just for the player to increase their level in the game. 

This will help them get better rewards and upgrade for their game play. To upgrade the level, this is the following factors to gain rewards and work on it.

  • Number of robots damaged

  • Amount of damage dealt

  • Number of beacons captured

  • Amount of critical hits scored

To raise the game level, you need to score better and better in the above mentioned. This will increase the level of your game and will help you upgrade your war machine. 

As you clear level one by one, you will get an experience point, which is a blue bar. Collecting more bars will level up your game, and they will reward you 50 gold and 50000 silver bars. 

Earning gold and silver will gain you more experience points. Buying the premium version will gain you 50% more experience points in the game. So, follow these instructions to level up in the game

Unlocking Robots and Weapons and Upgrading them for Levelling Up the Game:

As we know, it is important to gain a good amount of experience point to win the battle and survive in the game. After reaching higher pilots you will update your robots and weapon which will make you more power. 

Then you will score better than mentioned above factors. It is important to engage in the battle and captured beacons which will increase your chances to earn a more experienced point. This will help you reach the next level.


Even after the three years of his launch, the attractiveness of the game is still the same among the neighbors. Even today the game has attracted the heaps player on its apps. 

Developers claimed that people love this game because the developers have not only invested money, but they also invested time and effort for such a stunning creation in the game. 

Hence this game has robbed the heart of the player in such a short time. Their immersive and challenging gameplay has grabbed the attention of the players and so they are spending their precious time on the portal.

The hack for the game has made game resourceful with the lesser money. Hope this article have provided enough information that will be helpful for you.

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